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Jill Payne BA MSTAT

In the mid-1990's I was suffering from debilitating stress-related illness. I had constant pain in my back and neck, painful knee injuries, RSI and aching limbs. Chronically fatigued and clinically depressed, I was too ill to live a normal life.     

The Alexander Technique was the solution I found. The gentle touch of my teacher's hands guided my aching body back into balance and I began to feel better in every way. By releasing chronic tensions I found that my health and state of mind improved dramatically, and they continue to do so.

This experience inspired me to become an Alexander teacher and I completed the three-year training in July 2002. Since then I have been teaching full-time, giving training seminars for other teachers and helping my own students to discover the life-changing benefits for themselves.   

Life puts pressure on us all but the Alexander Technique teaches you how to make the best of yourself.

Qualifications: In 2002 I completed the three-year teacher training accredited by The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

I was trained by a protégé of FM Alexander himself, and I continue to improve my skills and knowledge with regular post-graduate training in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Israel.
During lockdown I trained to teach the AT online and worked with people around the world in Oman, Japan, the US and all over Europe.

I am fully insured and have enhanced DBS (formerly CRB) status for work with adults, vulnerable adults and children.


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Jill Payne BA MSTAT