The Alexander Techniquewith Jill Payne


What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a fresh way of thinking about how you use your body. I will teach you how to move more naturally with less strain, so everything you do is easier and more efficient.
Walking, standing, using your computer - even resting - become more fluent, skilful and pain-free!

Change bad habits: Your body is an amazing instrument but over time it acquired habits of tension and compression. These habits put extra forces on your muscles, joints and organs causing pain, poor posture, fatigue and many other common problems.

Learn to change:  By taking regular lessons you can change the harmful habits of a lifetime. You'll find a more natural state of balance, ease and mobility. Most people begin with weekly lessons.

Jill Payne in the news:
Journalist Sarah Warden took a "life-changing lesson" with Jill - read her report online.


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