The Alexander Techniquewith Jill Payne


Will it help you?

Good for all ages
Anyone can benefit from the gentle hands-on contact and guidance of a trained AT teacher.

Pain or Postural Problems
You can reduce pain and improve posture over the long term by re-programming your thinking.

Reduce your levels of muscular tension permanently. AT improves your stability, confidence and ease of movement so symptoms of stress, anxiety or pain are reduced.

Stress or anxiety
The Technique calms your nervous and muscular systems. It helps you to manage stress in your daily life or prepare for one-off situations like exams or interviews.

Existing symptoms and conditions
Long-standing symptoms can be controlled eg the Parkinson's Disease Society and the National Osteoporosis Society recommend AT to their members because it is safe and effective.

Sport, music, singing, acting
The Technique improves performance so it is a standard part of training in all major music and drama schools and is applied at the highest levels of sport. Improve your performance, calm your butterflies, and reduce injuries!
Many famous names endorse the Technique from Judi Dench to Matthew Pincent, and see my 'Testimonials' page to hear from other satisfied users of the AT. 


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Learning to rest effectively improves your performance and efficiency in movement.